At M & J Cleaning Services we offer flexibility in scheduling the cleaning that is right for you.
Scheduled Cleanings:
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Monthly
If you require a regular Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Cleaning, after your initial cleaning, we ask that you become one of our regularly scheduled clients. 
The Benefits of becoming a Scheduled Client:
  • You’re on Schedule
  • Your special instructions are added to your Information Sheet and referred to each time we clean your home (i.e. pets, cleaning products, Don’t Touch items)
  • You know what to budget
  • If we miss something (we are only human) just call within 24 hours of the cleaning, don’t forget that we have a Satisfaction Guarantee
  • You become eligible for discounts only available to M & J Cleaning Services Scheduled Clients
Basic Cleaning Services :
M & J Cleaning Services Home Cleaning Kitchen
Vacuum & Mop all the floor areas
All Furniture and shelves dusted
Empty all trash containers and change the trash bags.
Clean the microwave, clean the Exterior cabinets, clean stove top and drip pans, dust and polish furniture, and clean the counter tops.
Clean the toilets Interior and Exterior, Clean the Shower stalls, Wipe all
exterior cabinets, clean all mirrors, dust and polish furniture
M & J Cleaning Services Home Cleaning BedroomBedrooms
Make the Beds or change the linens, Wipe all exterior cabinets, clean all mirrors, dust and polish furniture
Living and Family rooms
Clean and
Wipe all exterior cabinets, clean all mirrors, dust and polish furniture
M & J Cleaning Services Home Cleaning Dining Room
Dining Room
Clean and Wipe all exterior cabinets, clean all mirrors, dust and polish furniture
We also offer:
Deep Cleaning Services:
Ceiling fans, light fixtures, mini blinds, all the baseboards, all the woodwork through the house including doors, frames paneling, wiping down cabinet doors in the bathrooms and kitchen, clean interior and exterior of all the kitchen appliances, throw out all trash and change trash bags, clean air vents and vacuum the furniture.
Special Cleanings
  • One Time Cleanings
  • Move In/Move Out
  • Spring/Fall
  • Special Occasion
The initial cleaning of your home normally takes longer than a routine visit. If you have any areas of concern that you would like addressed during your initial cleaning just tell us.
M & J Cleaning Services is happy to help you for a One-Time cleaning; we are professionals that can clean very efficiently with the right training and tools. If you require a Special Cleaning just call the office and one of our friendly, courteous, knowledgeable staff will be happy to speak to you regarding your cleaning. We go prepared to work until the job is complete, however, if you would rather limit your cost to a certain amount you can provide us with a list of priorities and we will concentrate on those items for the allotted time.
We bring our own equipment and supplies,
Regular inspections by supervisor
We also offer Carpet & Floor Cleaning and Window Washing at a Discounted Rate to our Residential Clients